May 30th, 2012

There’s no denying it – Josh Emett is an icon in the international world of cooking!

Like all of us, Josh leads a busy life. His work takes him abroad regularly, he has just opened a new restaurant in Queenstown and he has massive commitments to TV and Masterchef. Time at home with his wife Helen comes at a premium and making high quality meals at home isn’t as easy as it used to be.

This led Josh and Helen to conceive an idea for a convenient easy to prepare home meals that met his gourmet standards. Introducing Chef Series by Josh Emett; the quick and easy way to make restaurant quality meals at home, exquisitely crafted to make you look like a world class chef in your own home.

Josh has travelled the world crafting his skill and now, he brings these results to your table with Chef Series, using the Sous vide techique of slow braising for perfectly prepared and deliciously flavourful meat meals.

About Sous vide

Sous vide translated means ‘under vacuum’. Food is sealed in airtight bags and is then cooked over a long time period at low temperatures. The result: pull-apart tender cuts of mouth-watering meat, in rich sauces and seasoned with only the finest herbs and spices.

“This form of cooking allows us to prepare more of the most flavourful cuts not readily accessible for home cooks. As a chef I love to work with braising cuts; they’re closer to the bone where the real flavour is found” says Josh.

The Chef Series by Josh Emett range includes five traditional gourmet meals. In 600gm packs (500gm for Duck) with bones removed and with sauce reduced, these are generous meals to be served for two or more:

Spiced Roast Duck in Soy and Orange

Duck is slow cooked sous vide style to bring out its ultimate tenderness. Using traditional flavours of orange, hoisin and adding a note of star anise makes this a mouth watering meal. To serve, sprinkle duck with orange zest and serve with simple steamed or scalloped potatoes, broccoli or kale.

Lamb Shoulder with Whisky and Prune

This rich flavourful cut of lamb, found rarely on our meat counters, is slow cooked for over three hours with prunes, whisky and fragrant honey to bring out its delicate flavours. This melt in your mouth hearty dish is at its absolute best with a dram of whisky added just prior to serving, and is delicious served with a big bowl of roasted root vegetables.

 Spiced Sticky Beef Short Ribs

Perhaps the most tender cut of beef, these beef short ribs are spiced with star anise, cumin, coriander and fennel seeds, and then slow cooked for four hours. To serve – simply add a twist of fresh cracked black pepper, and plate up with perfectly creamed mashed potatoes or steamed jasmine rice, broccoli and green beans.

Burgundy Braised Beef Cheek

Traditional Burgundy Braised Beef Cheeks (also known as Beef Borguinon) is sautéed in port and red wine and accompanied with smoked bacon, garlic and onions. Add your own touch by sprinkling chopped parsley or chives and serve with ribbons of papardelle, penne pasta or crushed potatoes, carrots, parsnips or swede.

Freerange Chicken with Wholegrain Mustard and Tarragon

Mouth-wateringly tender, this free range chicken is pan-roasted before being slow-cooked sous vide in a sauce of mushrooms, white wine, wholegrain mustard and tarragon. To claim this exquisite meal as your own, add one teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 50 mls of fresh cream and some freshly chopped tarragon before serving with golden roasted potatoes or sautéed gnocchi and green asparagus.

Heating instructions:
Pan of water: (preferred method) Bring to the boil, submerge the sealed bag and simmer for 12-15 minutes. Tip water out, carefully cut open the bag and pour contents back into the pan, reduce sauce for a few minutes to desired consistency.
Microwave: Empty contents into a microwave dish. Cover and heat for 6-8 minutes until piping hot.
Oven: Empty contents into an oven proof dish. Cover with tin foil & bake at 180°C for 20-25 minutes until piping hot.


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  • heather stone says:

    Hi-we bought the Chef Series Free Range Chicken Makhani, after sampling at Fieldays… just reporting it was really superb! Generous ingredients(as opposed to sloppy sauces and few meaty fragments that one can buy with other take home supermarket curries)Well done., Josh and co! Will be purchasing again!

  • peter george says:

    where can i purchase these products in Dunedin. Especially the Duck.

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