Online Fruit Machines - The Nostaglic Retro Gaming Option Inside Casinos

Learn about the famous slot machine game known as The Fruity and how it came to be a casino classic.

Get Juicy Prizes Online – The Fruit Machine Slot


The classic fruit machine forever etched in the memory of pub dwellers, the one-armed bandit that stood proud in the high street establishments, where groups of friends would congregate to offer advice and spill a pint over after too many refreshments. The quintessential gambling game that is easy to play and that draws a lot of attention.

Here we discuss the fruity, the slot, the machine and casino game.

What is the Fruit Machine?

Most commonly referred to as ‘the fruity’, it is a slot machine cabinet that gets its name because of the iconic symbols used on the reels of the machine which depict a cherry, orange, plum, lemon, grapes and melon. These symbols vary from machine to machine and are often accompanied with a symbol of lucky 7, a bell, BAR, or diamond. These key elements are the ingredients of a slot machine which is referred to as the fruity.

Nowadays, the fruity is a retro game, one of nostalgia for how things used to be. The fruit machine has been around for a very long time, but I will not bore you with the history. Suffice to say that it was this way since the dawn of slot machine manufacturing, and it all changed once slots merged with pop-culture in the 90s.

It’s not that ‘the fruity’ died, it is just that the industry needed a shake-up and big and more elaborate slot machine cabinets were being made to meet the public demand.

Gaming became more dynamic with cabinets featuring more than the gaming reels, bonus rounds were added to games, where players could level-up and expand their opportunity to win.

The Evolution of the Fruity

For about 20-years the fruity went dormant, in hibernation whilst throughout the 90s and 00s, slots grew more expansive taking on themes of TV shows and Movies, The Simpson slot machine becoming one of the most popular cabinets ever made.

Now, despite the change on the high street, there were also changes happening with the invention of the Internet.

In 1996 the first online casino (about casinos more here) went live and inside you would be able to play the fruit machine slots. During the time of growth in gaming online, the fruity would become overrun by more creative and dynamic games where 3D animation became a huge factor, games became immersive with themes and story. The fruity would again be pushed into obscurity and seen as something as a retro option.

Modern Online Fruit Machine Slots

The fruit slots of today still play a huge part in the eyes of the casino. Players can still access modern fruit machine games that have incorporated huge changes, one example being the slot Mystery Reels™ by Red Tiger. In all intents and purposes, this is a fruit machine because it contains all those essential elements and ingredients, but this game has a bonus feature that replaces blocks of symbols to replace with all matching symbols to win larger prizes. It also has a bonus wheel of fortune round that multiplies your wins, gives you more free spins and can give you a chance of winning the progressive jackpots (plural) that are linked to the game.

This goes way beyond what the fruity was doing back in the 40s, 50s, even the 90s. The online world has not forgotten the importance of where the game began, and it has evolved into new fanciful dynamics that still provides players with much needed juicy prizes to keep them entertained.

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